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Blokchain Lab


Blokchain Lab is an ecosystem of education and innovation across verticals crafted with leading experts and partners around the world. Resources include: 







Our Ecosystem




Stephane , Blockchain Technical Bootcamp Graduate, now Blockchain Startup CTO

Stephane, Blockchain Technical Bootcamp Graduate, now Blockchain Startup CTO

Outcomes-focused education is key to Blokchain Labs. Classes offered may be technology-heavy, business focused, regulatory or customized. Offerings are affiliated with Byte Academy, recognized by Bloomberg for its blockchain programs. They are led by startup founders and CEOs in the field

Classes are offered remotely and onsite in New York City, Houston (TX) and India. Corporate training is available worldwide. Graduates receive an academic certificate on the blockchain upon graduation

Technical Bootcamps

Technical bootcamps are offered onsite at our New York City and Houston, Texas locations.  Blockchain immersive programs are 14 weeks. Part-time programs cover the same material over 24 weeks with 2 evenings per week of instruction and access to instructors outside this time period.  Full-time programs start monthly and have rolling admissions.  

Upcoming Blockchain Immersive NYC and Houston Start Dates

Full-Time: June 24, 2019, July 22


Guest Speakers



Blockchain talent is difficult to find, but, with an extensive ecosystem, hiring partners, graduates we have schooled and curriculum designed with employers we are able to help. Contact us about your recruiting needs





We think that an important way to spread blockchain education across communities is interacting with real people in the space. This is why we hold events around the world. These include startup guest speaker meetups, hackathons, conferences, workshops, API demos, networking and more. Please check out our worldwide locations below for upcoming happenings.