Final Projects

Medical Map

Vince's Team

Vince and his team created a medical map as a proof of concept for a real start up, Alvin Healthcare. Technologies include: PostgreSQL for the database, Flask, the LAPP stack (Linux, Apache, PostSQL and Python) and the Google Maps API. The team also used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to format markers and map.


Hunting Headhunters

Tomas's Team

Inspired by the premium Linked In accounts used by recruiters, Tomas's project makes the job search easier for him and his peers


piki—dating app for picky eaters

Shih Mei

A tinder for picky eaters, it may be tough to date a vegan if you like steak or if you love peanut butter and someone is deathly allergic, you better not kiss them. The consequen for dietary restrictions run afoul aren't very sexy.